Friday, April 29, 2011

yeah, and all of their peers.

I can't sleep.

I've been blogging alot lately. Looking back at my posting there seems to be no pattern. Except the pattern that I post many blogs in a short period of time every once in a while. Does that count? Is that a 'trend' in my blogging? I don't know. It's one thirty. I should be sleeping. I already said 'goodnight' to everyone I had been talking to over the Internet, and here I am again on my phone stirring up more trouble.

I wonder why I can't sleep. Is it because my brain is going a million miles a minute? It was a crazy day at work today. Alarms going off all day, 3 coffee travellers (boxes of coffee to-go) ordered in the midst of a line up to the door, a thug fight outside of the cafe, and not to mention my favourite scammer also made a guest appearance. Boy do I hate him. I was literally shaking with anger when he left. I think it double upsets me that he upsets me so much. Its an upset-circle. Most unfortunate. (Basically this guy abuses our very lenient 'Just Say Yes' policy all over the District - and now I hear, Langley) to get free product. I won't get into specifics because I value my job. That is also why I served him. Because I value my job.

But enough about him. More about me. Why am I awake!?

....oh. Nevermind.

I worked today. At Starbucks.

Let's play a game.

What did I do at work that would be keeping me awake now?


Dangit. Dangit. Dangit.

Goodnight. I hope.

all of the lights.

I know, I know.

I have been blogging about it since the beginning of time my blog.

I need to travel.

I have been to Mexico, Hawaii, Texas, California and Las Vegas (and a few places in Canada); but I want need to go somewhere far away.

Perhaps I'm realy feeling it because so many young folk around me have left/are soon departing on their own grand adventures. My roommate is leaving for Peru in three days for three months, and another very good friend of mine will be flying off to Europe for two months in a week's time. (Luckily for me, both my boyfriend and bestfriend have returned
-albeit temporarily- from their respective far-away residences, or else I would most probably be spending much of my time locked in my room with the cat)

I'm pretty tired of waiting for 'my turn'. I realize I don't have to wait, I just have to do, but finding the right time with the right people and places is proving harder than I thought.

Then there is the financial issue. Oh yeah, money. That. As I work at Starbucks and live on my own, it's been understandably difficult to save money. (Visiting IKEA every two weeks really doesn't help either. Yes, mom.) In order to save money, I must make more - therefore I must promote to the next level (which I am currently working on.) Another catch, though, is that I can't just take off as soon as I've got the job. Doesn't work like that.

I guess my real problem is time! Oh time. Time is running out! Not really, but my youth is. (When I'm thirty I'll look back on this blog post and laugh and laugh.)

So. Time. Money. More time. Plan. Travel. Revel in freedom and youth in a foreign country.

Or I could just put it all on my credit card and 'live life young and fast'/'live hard young fast life'/'live fast don't die til later' or whatever it is.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

could be worse.

Well, I've gone and done it again.

I almost, almost almost made the title of this post a Britney Spears lyric, by the way. I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Anyway. What have I done? On my way home from work today I stopped by my local MCC (please see post entitled 'a special spot in hell' - I haven't figure out how to link on my phone, calm down) to see if I could locate a particular movie title. Boy did I. Plus many many more. But, at fifty cents a pop it's really an investment in entertainment. Instead of spending $20+ on recently released movie titles (on Blu-ray or DVD or lazer-disk, whichever the newest money suck is), I'm spending an absolute fraction on..well, classics. Yea. Classics.

This trip my treasures included: Titanic (which I'm sure my boyfriend will be thrilled about, as I've been threatening him for months with the idea), Men in Black, Lord of the Rings - both The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers, both The Mummy and the Mummy Returns (even if 3 would have been available I would have left it on the shelf. Really? Replacing Rachel Weiz? How about 'hey Alex, remember when your mom died somewhere between now and the last sequel?' problem solved. Sorry. Anyways..), and Armageddon. Nice.

The only problem is, as my Facebook status so eloquently states, I 'must officially purchase an additional storage unit for [my] recently aqquired collection of VHS.' Oh well. Guess that means I have to go to IKEA again.

so sally can wait

A year ago I was working at Mt Lehman, lived in Bradner with Alyse Amber and Haley, was getting ready to go to Mexico, and had red hair.

Today I work at Seven Oaks, live in Abbotsford with Taylor (soon to be Celeste), really want to go to Mexico and have blonde hair.

Much has changed. I like it like it.

Next year by this time, I'd like to work in Vancouver, live in Vancouver, be saving for New Zealand, and have a femullet. Just kidding. Maybe. About the mullet.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

a heart like mine.

Lent ended today. Forty days and forty nights. I am proud to say I made it out not only alive, but stronger in many senses. The ending of Lent brings Easter. (Thanks, tips.) Every 'Easter Saturday' my dad's sister hosts an Easter party up in the hills of Mission. Every year, without fail, for the past 12 years; it rains. Not only does it rain, it pours. Somehow, this doesn't stop the throngs of (now late) elementary schooled children from ravaging the forest for any sign of plastic that could possibly hold a chocolate or two. Nor does it stop my 81-year-old Grandmother from rising at the crack of dawn to plant 3,000 eggs around the property. (Mind you, this is the same woman that shot and skinned her own moose last winter while hunting in the back bush of Quesnel.)
This year, however, was different. As I woke up yesterday I remember thinking, Why is it so bright...its the day of the Easter Party...or is it? AM I LATE FOR WORK IS IT MONDAY? Nope. Just...sunny?
Most years, a scraggle of relatives make their way from the outskirts of the Fraser Valley, mostly a fairly consistent crew. This year, I'd like to think both the Grace of Easter and the beautiful weather brought my long-lost cousins over from the island. For the first time in almost seven years myself, my two brothers, and my cousins Mark, Bea and Anne were together in one place with our parents. The last time we were all together was for my Grandma's 75th birthday; I was 15 and four of my younger cousins hadn't even been born yet. (It was actually kind of funny to see us all together, we're very much alike considering how far away we've grown up from eachother. Same sunglasses? Same pants? Mannerisms? Shoes? Facial expressions? Check.)
I would love to have a family reunion. The two older 'island cousins' haven't even met my three young cousins from Quesnel yet - and the oldest is 6. Very strange to me.
Turns out the family is moving to Vancouver at the end of August. (Actually, turns out half of them have lived here for quite a while - shows how much we really talk, sad.) I'm looking forward to being able to spend time with them. I've always been jealous of my friends that have cousins they are close to in the same age range. Fun fact: my mother and my aunt were friends before they married my dad and uncle. Apparently they were quite the pair. I'll be interested to see what kind of trouble my cousin Anne and I can cook up when she makes the big old move to the mainland. Part 2. Awh yeah.

This is one of the cousin shots we grabbed at the end of the afternoon:
(I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures with our parents and Granma)
clockwise from top left: Bea, Patrick, Truman, Mark, Anne and me

Also, these are my three 'baby' cousins from Quesnel:
left to right: Nicole, Brooke and Amber

While I'm at it, this is my dog and my cat. Nomnomnomnom

I love them. So much. I realized this weekend that time can't change family. I had a beautiful time. Whomp whomp.