Friday, March 18, 2011

stray cat strut

Today I found out why my hair straightner has been performing at a sub par level. It just didn't make sense; why did my hair look like crap? I wasn't doing anything differently, using any different product, or have any negative changes in my diet. It was only until I went to adjust the temperature to smooth my bangs that I realized it had been on a low setting all along.
I know it wasn't the cat straightening her whiskers. But now I know why your hair's been looking so good lately, Taylor James.

Post Script: the above post was originally a (paraphrased) Facebook status. For about three seconds until Taylor made me take it down. Funny how he's embarrassed about grooming his hair, while my status about his overwhelming log got the approval. I guess pooping is more masculine.

Monday, March 14, 2011

a little side note:

Grammatical errors/incorrect forms of speech that make me crazy:

The misuse of

-your/you're (ie 'Your ridiculous!') ...My what?

'I could care less.' Could you? I couldn't care less.

'Could of', 'would of', 'should of'. Could HAVE, would HAVE, should HAVE.

'Mine as well.' What? You might as well return to Grade Three.

'Try and' Try to follow me with this one.

'A idiot.' You're an idiot.

Excessive commas in place of periods, semi-colons, etc.

I would of made my list a little bigger, but these are my top piss offs, your probably thinking I'm a anal cow anyway, and I'll try and not correct you in real life, although I'll do my best to pretend I could care less.

*DISCLAIMER: In no way am I insinuating that I have perfect grammar/formal English. The above are some very common mistakes that particularly grind my gears. I am aware that this blog post is most likely laden with errors.