Monday, January 31, 2011

we get by just fine here on minimum wage.

 Tonight is the last time I will sleep in this room. 
I have lived in this house for one year, six months and three days. 
I have lived in Bradner for 16 years. 
It's not a big move by any means, 20 minutes away. I'll be closer to town,  to work, to school (if I ever go there again) and I'll be saving money in the long run. 
I've had some great memories in this house. 
Toga party, tight and bright party, St Patricks Day party, Halloween Party, the Masquerade. Wow. Lots of parties. But I swear I'm not a party girl. 
Ive been through a few roommates too. Only one consistent (it helps that her parents are the landlords) but four others in the time span I've been here. 
Don't get me wrong, I'll miss this place, but it's my time to go. It has been for a long time. I dont feel like I can move forward with my life if I'm still here. Partially because I can't save up money with $300 hydro bills sneaking in the door. Huh. 
I'll also be feeling a lot safer. I'd never felt unsafe in Bradner before - and then I got robbed. It creeps me out to know some stranger was rifling through my things. Luckily, they only managed to get things I can (in the long run) replace. One of the benefits of having a messy room. (On that note, the police officers who responded to my distress call may or may not have asked if my room had been ransacked. Heh. )
So tomorrow I move my life (and all the crap i have somehow accumulated over the past year and a half) across town and into an itty bitty apartment. 
I'll have a new big girl bed in my new big girl place. Am I a big girl now? 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

bring it all back

I think 2010 me would be proud of 2011 me.
Within the past two months, I think I've really started to make life happen.
New job, new place, new relationships and new socks.
I'm super looking forward to being able to start saving properly and start doing more things. Oh, it will all snowball from there. Speaking of snow - is this winter? Where is my wonderland? This is rain. Rain main drain plane. Let's go on vacation!