Thursday, August 4, 2011

you gotta take it in.

It seems as if the only time I ever blog is when I am doing laundry at my parents'. I assume the constant factor is that I have access to a real computer (blogging on my phone is a sniz). So there is consistency in my blogging! (RE:previous post...or a few posts down there. I really don't want to open a new tab to look. Must be a lazy-I-am-used-to-my-phone-with-sticky-home-button-must-stay-on-one-browser-window-thing.)

Today I noticed Facebook updated the lay-outs for messages. All messages, chats and emails through Facebook are consolidated in one thread for your viewing convienience. Kinda cool right? A little scary too. It was interesting to see how much I have mentally changed over the years. I've kept some of the same writing habits, but from the little reading I have done in the past hour that my jeans have been drying I've noticed a direct change in my sense of self, morality and confidence. A bit of a deeper analysis I was expecting for a brief browse through some old ties, but I'll suffice to say it was more apparent than I had counted on.

I'll be honest, I pushed too far back at points - into crevices of my Facebook account that shouldn't have been aroused (hehe, aroused). Though, in doing that, I was able to gather an un-biased opinion of myself and my respective messagers (it almost seems as if I am not the same person this girl is../was) and subjectively analyse things I was entirely unable to do in their present time.

In the end, I deleted these messages. They were nothing but ghosts that didn't take up any room, mind you, but were lurking, nonetheless.

Silly, really.

I feel like in the next 5 years I'll look back and do the same thing. But it won't be nearly as trying. I'm pretty stellar now...right?

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